Bhoomi Review

A tried-and-tested, templatized social drama that lacks spark!

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Bhoomi Review
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Bhoomi is Disney+Hotstar’s second straight-to-OTT release after Mookuthi Amman. The film is directed by Lakshman, who joins hands with Jayam Ravi for the third time.

What is the story about?

Bhoomi is the story of Bhoominathan, an astronaut at NASA who comes down to his village for a vacation and gets entangled in a web of issues. After resigning from his job at NASA, Bhoomi strengthens his place in his homeland, fighting against corporate criminals to win the love of his people and uphold their spirit in the field of agriculture.


Right from the onset, we know that Bhoomi is a film that will solely concentrate on farmers and the issues that they face. Starting with the lack of water, organic farming, details behind the agricultural process and ultimately the corporate game, the film tackles a lot of elements in the field that it adopts. However, the way in which the screenplay is knit together is in a cliched, predictable and old-fashioned manner. Except for the stats that roll out at regular intervals, Lakshman’s script brings nothing new to the fore and follows the tried-and-tested path that has been done a hundred times previously. The film’s good moments are few and far in-between, as it tries to piggyback on the presence of its star.


It is a good performance from Jayam Ravi, despite looking dull in a few scenes. His dialogue delivery in the film deserves a special mention, as he carries it out in a better manner than his previous films. However, the film has a weak antagonist in the form of Ronit Roy, who is not used in the right manner and turns out to be a sore thumb. Niddhi Agerwal, Sathish and the rest of the cast don’t have much to do in the film but do not affect the final product either.

Music & Other Departments

Dudley’s cinematography is definitely a big plus for the film, as he brings about bright visuals from start to finish. Imman’s music shines in bits and pieces, with two of the songs working out better than the rest.


Jayam Ravi’s performance is one good thing about this film.


The film lacks a novel storyline and a good support cast that would’ve helped it better.

Did I enjoy it?

Not much. This is a film that needed a fresh approach and a tighter script with interesting turns.

Do I recommend it?

Not really. It may serve as a time-pass watch but be prepared for some preaching that will be on your way.

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