Bill & Ted Face the Music Review: Fails to rekindle the magic.

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Bill & Ted Face the Music Review:  Fails to rekindle the magic.
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Digital Premiere Date:  28 August 2020


What is the story about?
It’s a Sci-Fi comedy that serves as a third sequel to the Bill & Ted Trilogy. In this sequel, Bill and Ted are tasked to create a song in 78 minutes to save the life on Earth and the entire universe. What follows forms the crux of the story directed by Dean Parisot.
There one too many actors and all of them seemed to be comfortable in their attires. Though the actors were not given much to explore than being goofy which kind of started become a tad bit tiring. Still, you can’t forget the younger version of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter who made “Awesome Dude” an iconic catchphrase. 
Most definitely their older self in the current sequel did their part well and managed to bring back the best you could savour being the fan of the franchise. Samara Weaving and Bridgette Lundy-Paine were dumbing out mimicking their fathers in the film. 


Multiple realities is a fantasy we’ve been fed all these years which has us yearning to shift to one of those to see if we can find a better self. Bill and Ted Face the Music is powered wit and tries hard to match the old films from their franchise. Maybe the long gap has matured the audience for goofiness or it was just plain silly. I’m not saying it was a bogus journey but the journey this time didn’t have the heart which the previous films did.
The screenplay was all over, the film runs for a packed 92 minutes, but dips at many points. It had the requisite material but the old school treatment was somewhere lost bridging the travel between the films. I’m sure the fans of the franchise like me were thrilled to catch this sequel. I was expecting some rib-tickling moments, but there is hardly one of those moments. But loved the time travel by the daughters their journey was pretty interesting than their dads. There was this inconsistency that really puts you off. But still, you manage to watch this only ‘cause of Reeves and Winter who were great in all their realities keeping their spirits up. And the final showdown was a good spectacle.


Music and other Departments
Music was greatly performed by multiple artists. The assortment kind of felt fresh and caught the drift of the film. The cinematography was good, editing was a little sloppy but the VFX and sound covered it up.
Prosthetics of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were brilliant in multiple realities. The makers seemed to have focused more on the looks than substance, so one thing did come out really well.


The inconsistent screenplay which was all over wandering clueless just like the characters in the film that were searching for their music, similarly the story was looking for a direction.
Did I enjoy it?
I enjoyed it in parts. As a fan, you too would enjoy it reminiscing the old films from the franchise. 
Do I recommend it and why?
Well, if you’re a fan then you should complete the Holy Trinity. If you aren’t then don’t bother watching the entire series to get disappointed.


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