Birders review: Visually enriching docudrama about migratory birds

Birders review: Visually enriching docudrama about migratory birds
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Birders review: Visually enriching docudrama about migratory birds Rating 2 stars You don’t have to be a bird lover to fall in love with Netflix’s Birders, a beautifully shot documentary about migratory birds and birdwatchers. Set along the US/Mexico, the documentary offers a front row seat to see and study vast and varied species of birds as they travel seasonally, and at the same time also serves as an allegory on migration and immigrants. Given the current political scenario across the US/Mexico border, this documentary couldn’t have come at a better time. Birders is content-free but it makes up for it with rich visuals which elevate the viewing experience. From following the birds and tracking their movements to the time they spend mating and going back to where they travel from, the documentary follows them closely. It’s both fascinating and interesting to understand more about birds and what makes them such unique species. However, the documentary doesn’t really go beyond migrating birds and meanders talking about the same point over and over again after a point. There’s an emphasis on building a natural habitat for animals/birds and it’s a point the documentary strives hard to register. Somewhere in the documentary, we see families studying and following birds. This hints at an interesting hobby for those interested in exploring something new as a family and raising awareness about environmental issues. The documentary also takes jabs at the current political and environmental state and makes very strong points about building a sustainable world for the future. Birders want humans to learn from birds to live life without borders, dividing people based on region, religion and race.  

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