Biswa Kalyan Rath Sushi Review - A hilarious dish all the way through

Biswa Kalyan Rath Sushi Review - A hilarious dish all the way through
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Although Biswa Kalyan Rath gained fame for his ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ with Kanan Gill, it’s safe to say that he is anything but pretentious. In fact, he is angry. Angry all the time at all the day-to-day illogical activities we tend to do. Say, when we are at a spot with bad network connection, we loudly say ‘Hello’ in different tunes, modules, exchange the phones in our hand, expecting the network to work, on the basis of the tone of our voice. We treat network connections like an Indian Idol show where we repeat one line in several tunes expecting that would make a big difference. (LOL). Biswa hates that. He also hates it when cheerleaders scream ‘Woo-hoo’ to the players. He calls that to be the worst ‘motivational speech’. We tend to hate people who complain all the time, but we don’t hate Biswa. Let’s give this self-claimed ugly comedian some credit. It takes a special kind of effort to be annoying yet laugh out loud hilarious.In a 60 minutes show, Biswa complains about human behaviour, mom’s behaviour, banks in India, constructions in India, communication gap, and there is an episode of dust as well. His level of creativity in Sushi may not earn him an Emmy, Grammy or Oscar, but he got ecstatic when on receiving an unexpected standing ovation from the audience, even though during the show he mocked them and called them a bunch of sad people who pay money, stand in line only to laugh. (This was a joke, comedian Adam Sandler too pointed out in Funny People). Biswa is natural. He is ugly and he knows it and this he reminds us that, being ugly is not his problem, it is our (the audiences’) problem since we paid money only to hear him live. Biswa even takes a moment from the popular animated film, ‘Zootopia’ and hinted at how government banks run at a different pace. The Dark Knight wouldn’t be possible in India if ever Joker (Heath Ledger) walked in to rob a bank. Employees of a government bank would ask that terrorist to fill up a form if he ever screams ‘Give me all your money’. Experience a new level of creativity and watch Biswa make you laugh while making fun of your habits.

Rating: 3.5/5

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