Bitter Daisies Season 2 Review

A well-developed drama that spurs up a good load of thrills!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Bitter Daisies Season 2 Review
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What is the story about?

Bitter Daisies takes off from the same scenario where season one left off, and follows the three characters of Eva, Laura and Mauro caught up in another troublesome situation, with loads of outburst, secrets and surprises springing up at every corner. As Eva gets out of prison, she finds herself reeling in a pool of problems, and has to find her way out of everything.


Bitter Daisies does right what most of the shows do wrong – develop all the characters in the surroundings before bringing the actual problem to the spotlight. The series is a continuation of the first season, but there is still a lot of room for character development – and the writers take note of the opportunity and put their best foot forward. The series has six episodes which are at times overlong, but they all have a fair share of drama running in them at every point in the show. Though familiar elements of revenge and betrayal are always in the frame, this is a series that understands the viewer’s psychology and does its job to an extent.


The lead cast of the first season continue here as well, and they are in good form throughout without overacting the scene. Maria Mera once again makes an impression as a talented actress who can handle such a role of heavyweight, and that is a great sight.


Music & Other Departments

There is a lot to like in how the cinematography for the show is planned out, and that is done very convincingly from ball one. The music, the cuts and other departments fit the bill.



The show’s conviction with respect to its main conflict is very appealing.


The show’s pacing will be a problem for some, who wish to get to the point a little quicker.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This had its flaws but was a rewarding watch on the whole.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you are a fan of slow-burn dramas, this might work for you.


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