Black Widow (2021) Review

The MCU delivers one of its best standalone films in this adrenaline-packed summer actioner!

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Black Widow (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Rerouting back to her roots, Natasha Romanoff gets back putting together pieces of her familial puzzle, while fighting it out with an evil mastermind who sets out to attain control of the Black Widows. 


Black Widow is not just another superhero action flick that is coming by our visibility, for instead - it is a film built on strong themes of family, friendship, bonding and more. Right from the beginning, the film looks at doing all it can to erect a beautiful onscreen relationship between the characters, mainly the duo played by Scarlett Johannson and Florence Pugh. The film uses elements such as action, sci-fi and sibling relationships to stitch together an interesting set of events that never lose track from start to finish. There are parts in the film which may be too dialogue-driven, but they do not entirely iron out the soul of what's intended to be shown. Even if you are expecting just a good set of action sequences, Black Widow has enough and more to showcase, pulling your attention both emotionally and in terms of the adrenaline as well. 


Scarlett Johansson is at her best here, carrying on the role that we have seen her do so well and exhibiting new shades wherever possible. However, she is overtaken by the pure brilliance of Florence Pugh, who rules the roost in a role that is lovable as it is exciting. Pugh’s charm, fluency in the action sequences and importantly - her accent, are a winner on the whole, and they help the film in many scenes, in many ways. The film is superbly supported by a solid star cast that has names such as David Harbour, Rachel Weisz and more. 

Music & Other Departments

As like any other film from the MCU, Black Widow leaves no stone unturned and walks on with top-notch technicalities, ranging from hotshot cinematography to the flawless graphics and a riveting score. This is stuff worth seeing in theatres. 


The relationship between Black Widow and Yelena has been carried out superbly, and is the biggest plus.


The film has some scenes which make it seem a little too dialogue-driven.

Did I enjoy it?

Hell yes. This was an entertaining adventure worth spending time on.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. Black Widow is spread over the time of more than two hours, delivering entertainment at every corner possible. 

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