Blockbuster apocalyptic sci-fi thriller 'Into The Night' is renewed for season 2.

Sajid Ali -

Blockbuster apocalyptic sci-fi thriller 'Into The Night' is renewed for season 2.

Last week Netflix was on a spree of releasing new trailers of its upcoming series and films. And this week is raining renewals of its much acclaimed and awaited series.

Not sure how many are aware of the debut Belgian series Into The Night.  People who have binged this apocalyptic series have become instantly addicted to it. Firstly there were only 6 episodes in the season 1; secondly, the screenplay was insanely gripping which had everything going for it. 

Into The Night is inspired by the Polish science fiction novel The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj. The first season was premiered on May 1st, 2020 on Netflix. It is officially confirmed that the streaming giant Netflix has renewed Into The Night for its second season. And most likely it’ll land on Netflix in 2021

The series follows a group of people who are hijacked on board a red-eye flight from Brussels. The hijacker has this insane belief that apocalypse is upon the humankind from a deadly global event that results from exposure to sunlight. So, the group of people keeps flying into the night hoping to escape the apocalypse. The first season ended with a ticking cliffhanger. And this series has a character named Terenzio, who might remind you of Arturo (Money Heist). The fans of “Into The Night” hate him as much as they hate Arturo.

The series is created by Jason George who is also credited as an executive producer of the series alongside Tomek Baginski and Jacek Dukaj. 

If you haven’t watched the series yet, then it’s high time you catch this ASAP. I still wonder why Netflix underplays a few series in its library, whereas they deserve more than just being a tile displayed on their interface. The first season of “Into The Night” is currently streaming on Netflix. 


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