Bloodride Review – A Modern Day “Twilight Zone”

Bloodride Review – A Modern Day “Twilight Zone”
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What is the story about? 
Bloodride is a Netflix original comprising of short stories. Each episode has a different tale to tell and is edged around psychopaths, superstition, obsession and other paranormal activities. Season one comprises of 6 gripping episodes giving horror a whole new dimension. The episodes start rather normally and take pace almost immediately keeping with the viewer’s attention. The directors Geir Henning Hopland and Atle Knudeen have invested in delivering viewers to some rather gory details of blood and horror but kept the pace moving so that it doesn’t leave a negative imprint on the onlooker's mind. The episode ‘Bad Writer’ is an original yet a very convincing plot, that is filled with some unconceivable surprises. The plot picks up in the most insightful manner. 

Each of the characters is well-researched, and have managed to play their part well. The interesting bit is, the character isn’t only playing their own character, but are playing people (individuals) in their own right. One can witness the nuances in the part they play, and how each character evolves in the most organic manner. Just like in a jigsaw each piece is designed to fit perfectly to complete the picture. The actors respond to the environment around them in the most natural and fitting manner. 

While the writers, Kjetil Indergard and Atle Knudsen have taken the initiative to delve into the minds of psychopaths and take us through the ongoing, they make little effort to show a solution to the problem. Take the episode ‘Three Sick Brothers’ for instance. ‘Eric’ is shown hallucinating, while the mother is shown running back and forth aimlessly to save her son, but she shows little effort at trying to arrest the hallucinations faced by Eric. One can even observe a similar instance in the episode titled, ‘Ultimate sacrifice’, where Molly is shown obsessing over the sacrificial stone, and recklessly killing her loved ones in lieu of making that enormous fortune. Yet, her husband makes little effort at trying to stop her. In fact, he is shown as such a weak character that he faints just as his wife is trying to put him down on the stone, and there is little effort made to escape! 

Music and other departments 
The music is eerie and accords well to the theme of each story. However, the translation in English could be slightly skewed and could take the onlooker in a different direction, but the visuals have a different story to tell. Care should be taken while adding subtitles, as there could be a difference in the way things are portrayed. The production is on point. The visual effects are stirring and can score a 10/5 in that section. 

The stories are highlights in their own right. Each of the stories and characters is well researched and has a magnetic appeal to it. The stories move really fast and conclude in a matter of just 27 to 32 minutes (approx.). This is just enough time one should ideally spend on a horror series. 

Everything is in place, apart from the fact that the conclusions are not exactly well rounded and each story ends pretty haphazardly. 

Did I enjoy it? 
To begin with, I am not in favour of horror or psychopathically inclined stories, but I must admit this one seriously gripped me. 

Do I recommend it? Why?
This series comes with a statutory warning and is certainly NOT for the faint-hearted or for anyone suffering from cardiac ailments. This is a must-watch for storytellers, as it paves a way to creative insights in the human mind and brevity is the key to its success. 

Rating 3.5/5.

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