Bombhaat Review

A boring, cringeworthy film that doesn’t make good use of a cool plot!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Bombhaat Review
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Bombhaat is Amazon Prime’s next direct-to-OTT release. The film landed on the platform on the 3rd of December.

What is the story about?

Wiki is a man who has been unlucky, right from childhood. Wiki goes the long hop to make his relationship with Chaitra work, but something or the other keeps popping up and spoiling the show. Since his early days, Wiki has a fascination towards tech and gadgets due to his relationship with the respected scientist Prof. Acharya. When Wiki meets Maya, the professor’s daughter, things start going right in his life. But unfortunately, he knows very less about who Maya really is and the reasons behind why she is being chased.


Bombhaat has a cool and interesting plot that could have been moulded into a fun-filled entertainer. But sadly, the film misses the trick completely when it comes to putting together an intriguing screenplay that will keep the audience’s attention invested. The film is packed with clichés, bad jokes and filmy moments that actually take the life out of it and hand it just the essence of the plot that it had in hand. Raghavendra Varma’s writing is boring and lacks the fire and finesse that such a film needs to pull off an entertaining fare. At the end of the day, there are a handful of moments featuring either one of the two heroines that manage to light up the screen for a while, but that’s about it.


Sai Sushanth Reddy is pretty good in the lead role, playing Wiki, the guy caught between two girls. If given better roles, he is an actor who will perform better. The two heroines of the film in Simran Choudhary and Chandini Chowdary are the best fits that the film has, and manage to keep it going until the end with their expressions and nice little skill sets. Apart from them, the rest of the cast are touch and go.

Music & Other Departments

The technical side of Bombhaat was very basic but for the set design which was pretty good in the little that the film has. The music definitely should have been better.



The two heroines shine some light on this dry fare.


The film fails in its efforts to string together an exciting series of events.

Did I enjoy it?

Definitely not. It was one of the most boring films I have seen this year.


Do I recommend it?

No. Bombhaat is something that would test your patience.

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