Books of Blood Review

Hulu’s horror anthology has few scares here and there, but is inappropriate on the whole!

Books of Blood Review
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Books of Blood is a horror anthology that has hit Hulu on the 7th of October. The film is a book-to-screen adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story collections that are quite famous.

What is the story about?

Books of Blood is a collection of three stories that intertwine themselves in ways not every anthology does. The film throws the light on three people – Bennett (Yul Vanquez), Jenna (Britt Robertson) and Mary (Anna Friel) and the troubles that they run into in their separate paths.


However, one thing that stands out in the film is the performances. Despite the film being an anthology, Britt Robertson as Jenna gets the major chunk of the runtime and gets her part done to perfection. Despite the weird turns in her character, her superb performance maintains the unsettling mood. On the other hand, Anna Friel is also very good with her portrayal of grief carried out in solid fashion. Truly a good job is done by the casting team, as they get almost all their choices right.

Music & Other Departments

Being a horror film, music stands as the number one priority and it does come off nicely here. The visuals too, are interestingly captured despite the film being limited to a majority of indoor locations alone.



The performances of the lead cast are the best parts of this anthology.


The jumbled narrative pattern truly takes a toll on the viewer, a straightforward approach would have worked wonders.


Did I enjoy it?

I did like parts of it but needed more pulp to be convinced on the whole.

Do I recommend it?

It is far from perfect but if you are okay with an imperfect product, it could serve as time pass material.

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