Boom Boom review: Enjoyably Hilarious

Boom Boom review: Enjoyably Hilarious
Movie Rated

Format: Short Film
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: 18+
Genre: Comedy

What is the story about?
Starring Rhea Chakroborty and Manjot Singh, ‘Boom Boom’ could be termed as both a mood spoiler and a mood lifter. It is a story about all the awkwardness that persists on the very first night after marriage. In most cases, especially in India, the girl is unaware of what she’s getting into. She gets married solely on the basis of trusting what her parents have chosen is absolutely right for her. On the first night, the couple is in for a surprise. None of them knows what the other person is like and making love is way out of the league. But somehow the ice is broken, and what happens then? 


Rhea Charoborty is slightly impish, to begin with. Manjot Sigh grooves into his character pretty well and does a fine job at hiding the pressures he goes through. The duo is pretty much in sync looking at the circumstances. Their timing is apt, and will certainly bring a smile to the viewers face. 


The Screenplay could’ve been intensified slightly. In the 12 minutes of the time that this short film runs for, there is more time wasted at establishing the plot more appropriately. But once it is done things go pretty smoothly, but before you know it, the film has ended. 


The music adds to the comic value of the piece. The production is well, normal! In fact, they’ve been robbed of an opportunity to demonstrate their skills. The sets were simple. However, what is striking is how even in the modern-day, these orthodox ways persist. A girl and a boy from the 21st century, are caught unaware of the ways of their better half. The editing really makes it easier for the audience to comprehend the nuances of the plot. 


The highlights lie in the comic timing of the plot. The expressions of the protagonist are simply priceless. 


This isn’t exactly a well-established plot. The writer should’ve thought of the timing, and written the screenplay accordingly. 


Did I enjoy it? 
Yes indeed 

Do I recommend it and why? 
Yes indeed, I would but typically on a day when life has let you down and a little silliness and bright side such as this can do no harm.

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