Borat Subsequent Movie Review

Borat returns 14 years later with a political satire, unfortunately, the laughs are a lot fewer this time.

Saumya Sharma -

Borat Subsequent Movie Review

What is the story about?

Borat is on a mission to restore his lost glory in Kazakhstan but must return to the "US&A" - as he refers to it a few times during the film - to find a way to accomplish this. He has been given a monkey to be gifted to the political leaders but ends up hanging out with his 15-year-old daughter who decides to escape the country too. Borat also finds that he is a popular face in the US and so must use a variety of disguises to deliver his promise to his country's premier. We see political campaigns, various funny and failed efforts by Borat and the friends he makes to sabotage them and also "sell" his daughter to her new owner, who might be a powerful political leader in America in the present day.


The script, co-written by Sacha Baron Cohen, who has also created Borat, delivers on the urgent political messaging, the misinformation and fake news elements around the Covid-19 pandemic, and builds a case for feminism and against mansplaining and the incorrect ideas men might feed women with to stay the decision-maker, Alphas or its relative term. 

Borat's daughter, Tutar, packs in one too many surprise elements in the sequel to Borat, which became a cultural phenomenon upon its release the first time. 



Sacha Baron Cohen brings in his A-game to the film and relives the character he has created to make a satirical commentary on all that's wrong with the world we're living in. 

Maria Bakalova as Tutar is a charm in her debut role, despite the 'slightly out there' character she plays.  

We also see New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani in a few scenes, along with a cameo by Vice President of the US Mike Pence and actor Tom Hanks.

Music & Other Departments

Under the direction of Jason Woliner, co-produced and exec produced by an ensemble crew, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a satire with an important message and delivers on that fairly well. The makeup department is on point with all the "disguises" on Borat and Tutar.


Maria Bakalova as Borat's daughter Tutar is impressive in her debut role; the film's makeup department and writing.


From an iconic character such as Borat, one would expect to be rolling on the floor laughing, despite the situation in the world with the coronavirus pandemic, upcoming US presidential elections, fake news and more.  

Did I enjoy it?

if you are a Borat fan, then you would enjoy it.

Do I recommend it?

If you are a Borat fan, then you would enjoy it.

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