Bored of Korean and Spanish Content? First Zimbabwean Film on Netflix is here.

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Bored of Korean and Spanish Content? First Zimbabwean Film on Netflix is here.

Bored watching Content from Indian, American, Spanish and Korean?? Here's a piece of delightful news for you. Yesss! There's a Zimbabwean Film streaming right now on the American Streaming behemoth Netflix.

Zimbabwean film "Cook Off" is a romantic film which has its plot about a struggling single mother who encounters zest during a cooking contest.

The film premiered on Netflix on June 1st which is a debut for the country in the Streaming Platform. The makers of the nation anticipate the release of the film will impel the nation's scanty film sector to worldwide viewers.

All the 90s Kids would remember Zimbabwe for the Flower brothers in Cricket - Andy Flower and Grant Flower. Except for that, the African Country always grabs the headlines for its budgetary woes and political trials.

Producer Joe Njagu spoke to the press that the film would bring a different image on their country. He added, "I craved for the planet to know that there is more to Zimbabwe than what they listen. We also fall in love, we also experience fine food. We also have very likeable tales," said Njagu.

The production budget of the flick is estimated at only $8,000. Njagu said that he used his personal connections with the cast and crew and most of them signed agreements with deferred payments. The meagrely budgeted flick was taped three years back in 2017 but very few people in Zimbabwe had heard of it. The reach of the film remained the same even after it won numerous accolades at international film festivals, including in the Netherlands, Durban, and the United States.

Njagu concluded, "Everything changed from the past before a couple of months ago when Netflix, the globe's preeminent recreation streaming service with 189 million paid viewers, came knocking on our door. With full enthusiasm, he added, "It’s a big hello, this is Zimbabwe we are here. It’s a moment for us to present our product to the rest of the globe. It’s a big opportunity for us. We can’t fall squat anymore. This is the universal stage," Njagu wrapped it off.

The African producer did not say how much the Netflix sale was worth but he verified that it was enough to meet the stalled expenses and make a saving.


Tapinda Tapinda!

Zimbabwe – our time has come, Cook Off is now streaming on @netflix!

Watch it now and/or join cast & crew at our global virtual Watch Party ==> Monday 1 June at 7.30pm (CAT)!#NetflixZimbabwe #CookOffZim #NowStreaming

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