Borgen Season 1 Review: A compelling and riveting political drama not to be missed.

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Borgen Season 1 Review: A compelling and riveting political drama not to be missed.
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What is the story about?

The story follows Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) a minor centrist politician, due to shocking turn of events puts her in the Danish Prime Minister’s seats making her the first female leader of the country. The series is created by Adam Price, written by Adam Price, Jeppe Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm.


Borgen, which means Castle, is what the Danes call their parliament.  Borgen is more than an intricate political drama though it’s an intimate drama, politics made human. It’s about democracy and people, relationships between people, the work-home relationship etc. Also, it’s about journalism, gender equality, values of raising a family; generally, it’s about everyone and everything about the government and the people.
The extensive research and writing that the team has gone through to make this political drama clicks at every node deserving great accolades and they did win quite a few of them. The series has this unique approach that doesn’t die out even for a moment, there’s a crisis or a conflict in which the characters are constantly webbed.
Borgen will definitely appeal to audience of all kinds. It’s a fantastic, compelling and riveting drama which paints a strong picture of a woman whose ambition becomes more important than everything else. The nuances were perfectly staged with no compromise and performed by a stellar cast.


Borgen being a political drama had a huge ensemble of the cast which keeps popping up in every other episode. But trust me it wasn’t that hard to keep track of characters. The last time I think Dark was one of the series which had great character structure. But this Danish series does put you in a different perspective. Every character even a child artist was bang on with their performances. 
We have to give it to Sidse Babett Knudsen (Birgitte Nyborg), her character is one of the most powerful female characters ever portrayed in the last decade. At least, in my opinion, the niche treatment given to the character was meticulously derived and the way it shapes up was brilliant. Similarly, there’s another character which was equally power-driven. Birgitte Hjort Sorensen (Katrine Fonsmark), another character which really gets you invested in the series. These two characters surely become the strong suit of the series.
They’re followed by a very strong ensemble of the cast which includes Pilou Asbaek (Kasper Juul), Lars Knutzon (Bent Serjo), Peter Myging (Michael Laugesen) and Benedikte Hansen (Hanne Holm).


Music & Other Departments

The series had little to do with the music, but the background score and sound fantastic. The cinematography was brilliant by a team of cinematographers who had a great eye for drama. And the editing was sharp.


Brilliant writing and performances which were in great sync, mostly political drama loses their steam and keeps wandering to get a lock on the subject. Borgen was meticulously scripted which never lost its momentum.


Nothing I could think of.

Did I enjoy it?

I was totally invested in the series and I’m going to continue to watch the following seasons eventually. 

Do I recommend it?

I strongly recommend it. Fan of politics or not this one will blow your mind with its writing and performances.

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