Bornoporichoy: A Grammar Of Death

Bornoporichoy: A Grammar Of Death
Platform : Hoichoi
Language : Bengali
Synopsis : Dhananjoy, a police detective, is drawn back into the case that ruined his life and career at the request of his colleagues. Reluctant at first, he dives head first into the case to nab the culprit after he finds some new and alarming clues. Arko, meanwhile, carries on murder after murder, seemingly taking inspiration from the five elements - earth, water, wind, sky and fire.
Cast : Abir Chatterjee Jisshu Sengupta Priyanka Sarkar
Directors : Mainak Bhaumik
Production House : Shree Venkatesh Films
Music : Anupam Roy

Digital Premiere Date : October 26, 2019 Theater Release Date : July 26, 2019

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