BOSS - Baap Of Special Services review – Pointless yet unpretentious masala fare

BOSS - Baap Of Special Services review – Pointless yet unpretentious masala fare
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BOSS - Baap Of Special Services, the latest high-profile series to arrive on AltBalaji, is an apt title for a narrative that tries to be cool but not necessarily intelligent. In fact, it's a welcome relief that the series is desi in its truest sense. There is only a semblance of a plot, mild seriousness, a handful of action sequences, some romance between the lead actors driven by a sexual charge and objectifying humour, a cocktail of ingredients (of course minus the songs) that completes every average Bollywood commercial entertainer at the theatres. The production scale gets toned down for the digital medium, but nevertheless, you wouldn't mind binging it with your popcorn tub on a lazy day without having much to complain about.

With two pretty faces – Karan Singh Grover and Sagarika Ghatge – as its leads, a surreal backdrop at a town in Himachal Pradesh, an identifiable supporting cast and a vibrant wardrobe as a pleasing sight for sore eyes, Boss is a true-blue desi action-comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously. This is a kind of series where a female cop doesn't mind wearing a free-flowing gown at a crime scene, while her male colleague can't wait for an opportunity to take his shirt off either. It's also a series wherein a case revolving around a porn content-producer, the cops say, 'I can't see anything here, wish there was a better angle'. Fittingly, each of them keeps calling the other a pervert. Every investigation scene has double-entendre dialogues that boil down to discussions referring to one's genitals. If you're asking for political correctness in a series charged with sexual innuendos, sorry, you've landed at the wrong window.
A casanova of an investigative officer, Sudhir Kohli has a reputation of being a tireless womaniser – read his physical encounters with women who're prime suspects or witnesses in the cases he's a part of. His counterpart is a fiesty, high-handed cop Sakshi Ranjan, who detests his presence at work and yet can do little to change her destiny. Yet, the two contrasting worlds begin to converge at some point. Backed by two assistants (read sidekicks), they solve one case after the other in their purview. The true identity of Sudhir Kohli itself is a case of mystery and his dark past continues to haunt him. He's a father to a daughter who mysteriously disappears from his house as part of a kidnapping plot.

This is an action-entertainer space that constantly reminds you of the universe of the Tom Cruise starrer 'Knight and Day' – there's no logic, only magic. The episodes are merely meant to kill time and provide some harmless fun, which Boss is quite successful at. Among a few incidents they deal with is about a guy who keeps marrying women month after month to provide sexual content to his owner's porn site, there's a husband blackmailing his wife who cheats on him, a company's founder is sleeping around with his best friend's partner et al. Unsurprisingly, the cases revolve around illicit relationships. The investigation of these cases isn't meant to be smart – they are just tools to pepper the romance between the leads with humour. One of the better-conceived crime incidents in the series is about an over-protective mother who can't come to terms with the loss of her child.

There's consistency in the aims of its makers and the director Ankush Bhatt is clear about the audience he wants to cater to. Boss may be very far from being pathbreaking but it isn't pretentious, to say the least. Karan Singh Grover is in his element and slips into his part like a glove. Sagarika Ghatge's fashion sense assumes more significance than her character arc. She has the arrogance that her part demands but shouldn't have overdone her grumpy 'get lost' expression through the series. Ayaz Khan has a few moments where he shines, but there's very little left to do for Veer Aryan or Gaurav Gera. The footage of the backdrops and the locations are quite repetitive and jarringly redundant while the CG is laughable. Boss is among the better content that AltBalaji has backed recently. Keep your expectations low and you might be in for a surprise.

Rating: 2.5/5

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