#Bro (2021) Review

Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor shine in this beautiful film

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#Bro (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

When Madhav leans his sister Subbu is no more, he takes leave from his job and comes back home. As he struggles to cope with her loss, he realizes Subbu's spirit still lurks around. To make up for lost time, Madhav agrees to see the world through Subbu's eyes, and examines his life anew.


The story of #Bro is not new. A Telugu remake of the Marathi film Happy Journey, which was also remade in Malayalam as Koode, this film is not trying to do anything original. However, even if it does not reinvent the wheel, the film offers plenty of moments that showcase loss and sibling love. The bond between Subbu and Madhav is beautifully explored, and in fact helps director Karthik Thupurani to tide over a slow screenplay on most occasions. It's certainly an unusual film for the Telugu OTT world, but it is certainly moving. Grab a tissue and go for it.


Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor are the heart and soul of this film, and they are decent as Madhav and Subbu. The rest of the characters are okay.

Music & Other Departments

The background score is aptly melodramatic, and the cinematography delivers some beautiful landscape shots.


  • Some wonderful moments in the screenplay
  • Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor's performances


Slow pacing.

Did I enjoy it?

It's hard not to feel moved by the end.

Do I recommend it?

If you want a nice, predictable family drama that will attack your tear ducts, go for it.

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