Bullets Review

A gigantic misfire on every possible level

Rony Patra -

Bullets Review
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What is the story about?

After accidentally killing Sunil Korade, the Home Minister’s son, supermodel Tina goes on the run with Laxmi a.k.a. Lolo, who has her own axe to grind against the senior Korade. With both police and hitman Ketu on their trail, can Tina and Lolo save themselves?


You can execute a recut of a film that has been lying in the cans for several years into a web-series, but that isn’t going to save the film from floundering, if there’s no story. Obviously, someone forgot to read out this memo to MX Player. If Helen of Troy was “the face that launched a thousand ships”, this series is “the film that will launch a hundred memes”. Each minute of Devang Dholakia’s six-part series, which was earlier a film titled Tina & Lolo, is so unbearable and cringeworthy at times that it almost borders on being a vulgar masterpiece. You have a character named Helmet…because he wears a helmet. You have a hare-brained character named Lewis Lobo who likes abbreviating his name as “Lelo”. A separate article should be written to the epoch-making dialogues here. A police officer complains to his colleague, “Yeh media-waale jab koi khabar seriously lete hai na, toh who uss khabar ki seriously le lete hai.”
Actually, the characters and cringeworthy dialogues are only a smokescreen for the real deal in Dholakia and Vayu Shrivastav’s screenplay, which is to showcase the two leads as objects of lust. There’s some heaving and gnawing in between the scatter-shot episodes, which look as if the editor and director decided to play a game of tic-tac-toe with the scenes. There’s even an entire scene which only serves as an excuse to see Sunny Leone make out with her husband, Marc Weber. You may or may not be aroused by the end of the series, but you will certainly get a headache.


To be really honest, I really don’t know how to rate Sunny Leone as Tina. She is impressively self-aware of her limitations, and especially earnest in most scenes she’s terrible in. In fact, she valiantly tries to embrace the campiness of the entire series. In comparison, Karishma Tanna looks visibly lost in the entire proceedings. You get the scene that she would much rather do anything else than appear in this endeavour. Deepak Tijori, Viveck Vaswani and Amaan Khan are okay. The worst bit about this enterprise is that Mohan Kapur’s voice seems to have been dubbed by someone else, which is a shame. The other surprising thing is that Taaha Shah doesn’t even get top billing in the credits, in spite of being there for a substantial part of the series.

Music & Other Departments

The cinematography and music are forgettable.


None, unless you consider the dialogues to be highlights.


The entire series.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

Watch it only if trashy web shows are your thing.

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