Busted Season 2 Review - An epic extension with mindblowing entertainment!

Busted Season 2 Review - An epic extension with mindblowing entertainment!
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Jointly directed by Jo Hyo-jin, Jang HyeokJae and Kim JuHyeong, the series revolves around a bunch of amateur detectives. Attempting to solve some of the most mystifying cases connected to a mysterious character called the Flower Killer, the story balances the fun and thrill aspects perfectly. Busted is considered as a new type of K-variety show with its prime characters being sloppy detectives who deliver a fun-filled mystery in each episode. You will even find several special appearances from several guest stars in almost every episode of the series. The series has the entire cast reaching random locations and using their teamwork for solving mysteries as the story proceeds. The veteran director of the show, Jo HyoJin is well known for his epic works in “Running Man”, “X-Man”, and “Family Outing”. Busted is one of the best series coming from South Korea. Every moment of the series is hilarious and equally sensational. You will never regret watching this amazing team of bumbling detectives. This one is an excellent follow up of the first season. For all those who haven’t seen the first season, you will still be able to grab the essence of the series as a standalone season. The treatment of the ten episodes is interestingly different and maintains the dynamic attribute of the show. The creators have been wise in ensuring a much-needed balance between the story and its diverse characters. The funny moments will keep your interest intact throughout the series. However, if you have watched the first season, you are going to miss Lee Kwang Soo.

Production House:

Company Sang Sang, Netflix Services Korea Ltd.


The star cast of this season one extension of Busted has Yoo Jae Suk playing the main character who is quite funny. Kim Jong-Min plays a young, cute character while Park Min-Young is no less fascinating. On the other side, the other characters include Lee Seung-Gi, Oh Se-Hun, Kim Se-Jeong and Ahn Jae-Wook.


The dialogues are full of energy and quite entertaining. The funny bones of viewers are sure to be tickled while watching this interesting show. The diction is also apt.


The music is attractive and full marks to the soundtracks and the background scores of the series for their impact.


The technical flourish of the series is certainly impressive. The cinematography, the props, the visual portrayal of the various elements that complete the frame are high-quality stuff.


Without extending the series much longer, the editing team has helped the makers come up with a crisp and perfectly carved story.

Producers: Jang Hyuk-Jae

Rating: 4.5/5

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