Busted Season 3 Review

Keeps up to the fun and frolic, bringing in an entertaining new tale!

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Busted Season 3 Review
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The third season of Busted has just landed on Netflix, and is now ready with eight episodes.

What is the story about?

Busted’s new season has seven sleuths get together to solve one crime, but an unforeseen incident forces them into tough situations. The seven have no other option but to form a team and find the killer, who has put them into such a scene. And of course, there’s more about Project D and the real result behind it.


The third season of Busted continues on the same lines as the first two, with the fun and the drama being in check all the way. While some parts are a little rushed here, there is no lack of entertainment, with the clues and the procedures being placed in an interesting fashion with little dull patches alone. Despite the episodes being overlong, there is something to like in each of them, with the characters too getting into their groove one by one and smacking in fun stretches. The makers of Busted have really gone the long lengths to make this one as believable and binge-watchable as possible, giving in enough room to pack in the different elements of the show.


Yoo Jae-Suk is once again the leader of the list, with Lee Seung-gi getting the second spot. At an aerial view, Busted is a series that understands its strengths and plays to it very smartly – there are a lot of instances where the situational comics come out of the work of many people in the frame at the same time, credit goes to the cast for holding it together.

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The handycam structure of the show continues to impress, but it is a little tiresome as it gets past the long runtime.


Busted’s ensemble star-cast is a treat, and they are the ones who make the show engaging.


The show’s balance between comedy and the serious elements is a little off the path here.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. It gets a little rusty here and there but overall, not a waste of time.

Do I recommend it?

Busted is one of those popcorn shows that you watch without complaining, and the third season promises more of that.

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