Call My Agent Season 4 Review- The curtain call for a show filled with sharp humour and chicness!

The curtain call for a show filled with sharp humour and chicness!

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Call My Agent Season 4 Review- The curtain call for a show filled with sharp humour and chicness!
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What is the story about?

The group of movie-star agents return in Season 4 of Call My Agent,  series based on their lives and work at a fictional Parisian Talent Agency, ASK. The owner suddenly dies thereby adding a lot of drama and scandals to the lives of three talent managers, Mathias, Gabriel, and Andréa, Their personal lives, celebrity lives, work politics all drive them up to the wall. 


Since the premiere of the show in 2015, it hasn't been able to grab a lot of eyeballs in India, but it chooses to remain Netflix's hidden gems. It has become a magnet for stars quite like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Friends who love to star in cameos on the French comedy. It is impossible not to like this show. The wonderfully observed portrayal of agents and their actors, actors spoofing themselves is so real that you attach yourself to each situation. It is an extremely witty satire of the movie business. The characters are flawed but intelligent, there are carefully constructed scenarios, sharp and memorable dialogues that are consistently funny, often laugh-out-loud moments, and less often but in nicely judged moments, poignant and sweet. Like all other series, you tend to follow the characters and the subject matter.   Even in the world of OTT, nothing is over-the-top in the show. It throws light on the jobs actors have to do, their narcissism, of course, the sheer silliness of their films, and the nuttiness of the directors. However, even then the series never gets cruel, cliched, or mercilessly satiric. The actor appearing in cameos are an important part of the story and the aura of their stardom appears quite secondary, which is quite a testament to how good each episode is. One of the best parts about the series is how they humanize actors and celebrities, and try not to throw anything off balance.


The acting is simply great. Because the show is not politically correct like the British or American shows, it has gone a lot of zany moments and the actors simply bring out the best in the cleverly written script. There are a lot of cameos from Hollywood actors as well appearing as spoof versions of themselves.

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Behind a fantastic cast, great storylines, an eclectic bunch of guest stars, excellent soundtrack music, and comedy, there is a great deal of cleverness hidden. The concept and storyline are fresh and so are the characters. In spite of having no murders or fights or violence or arms usage, the show is completely dynamic.


The show is based in the beautiful backdrop of Paris. It has a lot of elements of French humor. 


I Felt, season 4 could have had more than just 6 episodes. A lot of it felt rushed and left me wanting more. 

Did I enjoy it?

For people who are fans of 'meta' films or 'meta' shows, this might seem an interesting addition to your to-watch list. 

Do I recommend it?

I loved it. Too bad it ended after four seasons. There are talks about a possible Indian adaptation of the same show, but I wonder how it would pan out.

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