Cash (2021) Review

This demonetization comedy loses its fizz in the second half

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Cash (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Armaan Gulati, a young man, is a veteran of several failed startups, along with his friend Soda. When the Prime Minister announces demonetization in 2016, Armaan spots an opportunity and decides to start a business with Soda and Neha, a cunning real estate agent, for laundering old notes with new notes. But when a dangerous politician, Gautam Acharya, enters the scene, things go haywire. 


I haven't chuckled so much in a long time as I did when watching the first half of Rishab Seth's CashFast-paced and funny in equal measure, the screenplay in the first half has lots of attention to detail. In fact, that first half is so immaculate that it will make you relive the hilarity and absurdity of watching a nation get caught wrong-footed overnight. From the long queues outside ATMs to people suspecting the presence of GPS chips in Rs 2000 notes, every little detail about that time adds flavour to Armaan, Soda and Neha's attempts to launder old notes for new ones. The first half ends on a terrific cliffhanger where you actually want to know how the three characters will get out of a mess they're stuck in.
Unfortunately, the second half seems as if the makers run out of ideas on how to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion. From one startup idea, we go into another startup idea by the trio, and most of the time there are so many characters running around with so many agendas that it becomes difficult to keep track after a point. The climax also feels like a letdown, after the terrific scene in the middle, and brings down the entertainment quotient of what could have been a crackling comedy on demonetization. This film is still worth a watch though for that excellent first half, but you would be advised to keep your expectations low.


Amol Parashar is solid as the smooth-talking Armaan, who is never short on enthusiasm and wants a successful startup at any cost. Kavin Dave is terrific as the God-fearing Soda, while Smriti Kalra is sharp as the quick-witted Neha. Swanand Kirkire plays Sanjay, Armaan's uncle and a bribe-taking customs agent who keeps referring to his foreign wife as "vidhwa" (widow) instead of Vidya. Krishna Singh Bisht brings the house down as money launderer Qazi, who has an unhealthy fetish for any kind of pain. Gulshan Grover is menacing as Gautam Acharya.  

Music & Other Departments

The music and background score are all right. The production design is decent.


  • Good performances from the entire cast
  • A watertight first half
  • Lots of funny moments and one-liners


The second half drags, and it seems the makers run out of plot points.

Did I enjoy it?

I enjoyed the first half, but the second half is a drag.

Do I recommend it?

You can give this a one-time watch.

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