Catch 5 Web Series Based on Teenage Love

Catch 5 Web Series Based on Teenage Love

Have you been one of those fond fellows of the exciting world of TEENAGE LOVE? Well! Our OTT world has simply been high on putting up some of the most critical and eye catchy subjects onboard. Teenage Love is definitely one amongst them, apart from the crime controls and catch-up. Here are the 5 must watch web series based on Teenage Love! If you haven’t watched them, you have definitely missed a breath!

  1. Flames 

The story of the Flames Season 1 goes around a teenage love story of Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Maniktala as Rajat and Ishita. With the immense success, the official announcement for upcoming Flames Season 2 Web Series has also been made continuing the story of continued teenagers’ and heartbreaks. The shooting for Flames 2 web series has already started from 01st February 2019; however no official date of release has yet been announced. The season 2 will be starring Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala, Shivam Kakar and Sunakshi Grover.

  1. Love Shots

This cute web series depicts the love life of six different couples, and their different stories. A production of Y films, this series highlights the relationships of all ages within six short films of ten minutes, each.   

  1. Alisha

The story of Alisha goes around a girl in her twenties, who has recently moved back to Mumbai after four years in Los Angeles. Holding dreams and aspirations, she is struggling for success in the fashion industry. This one is a perfect blend of fashion fiesta, suspense, and entertainment.

  1. Little Things

If a relationship can be cute, it got to be this one. DICE MEDIA AND FILTERCOPY presentation, “LITTLE THINGS” depicts a super cute love story of a couple living in. highlighting the various touch points of a living-in relationship, the series describes the beauty of true love, being happy with each other and solve their problems on their own.

  1. Bang Baaja Baarat

YASHRAJ FILMS Presented, “BANG BAAJA BAARAAT” is a about the story of 2 different people holding two completely different background. Eventually, these opposites fall in love with each other and decide to get marry to each, without revealing the same to their family; however, unfortunately their family arrives 3 days before their wedding without informing them. Enjoy the confusion and love factor with this web series starring- Ali Faizal and Angira Dhar.

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