Celebration time for Marathi buffs with an OTT arrival

Richard Mahesh -

Celebration time for Marathi buffs with an OTT arrival

Obviously, the COVID 19 issues have made several industries to pull up their socks and reinvent themselves into a new dimension of offering entertainment. While every region in Indian sub-continent has been coming up with a myriad of OTT platforms to savour the audiences in its domain, Bangla OTT was the latest one to join the bandwagon. Now, it is officially confirmed that an exclusive OTT platform for Marathi contents titled ‘Planet Marathi OTT’ is getting materialized. Conceptualized by filmmaker and producer Akshay Bardapurkar along with actor Pushkar Shrotri and music composer Aditya Oak, the launch will happen in this December.

Much identical to the paradigms of current OTT packages, Marathi OTT will endow its viewers with contents involving films, theatre, television shows, infotainment, educational content for kids, fiction, non-fiction, and reality shows. The streaming platform is also bringing up some additional values like Karaoke songs, recipes, yoga, health, and live-fitness videos. As of now, Marathi OTT is already equipped with 50,000 hours of content and the team looks sure-footed over its decision to double the content quantity before the official launch happens.


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