Celina Jaitley Interview – The bedrock of hope

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Celina Jaitley Interview – The bedrock of hope

Just before interviewing the former Miss India, Celina Jaitley, I’ve had the opportunity to go through her official website and view some of her blogs. From what I could read; Celina has literally put her heart out there. She has openly written about what she’s been through in the last couple of years, and how it has impacted her life in more than ways. The star was keenly awaiting the arrival of her second set of twins in 2017. Sadly she lost her son Shamsher to a heart condition. Soon after she witnessed the demise of her father and her mother. Depression gripped its tenacious clutches over the family, yet the duo have successfully bounced back, and are now getting back to what they’re best at! 

‘Season’s Greeting’s’ that appeared on ZEE5 on the 15th of April 2020 was a huge icebreaker for Celina in more than ways. With her comeback in the cinematic space, Celina has lived up to the promise of her late mother. “My husband has supported me immensely at getting back on the screen.”, adds Celina. “The film has been well received at international film festivals, and will go to even more festivals post the pandemic.”, Celina says. 

On further inquiring about her role in the short film, we learn, “The Indian diaspora is all about unity, and love. Most of us have been raised with virtues of tolerance, patience and perseverance. Which is precisely why my character Romita, in the short film, ‘Season’s Greeting’s’ questions her mother about why did ‘Baba’ (father) leave them?” 

In India, however modern we become, the term divorce was and is used scarcely. It might surprise one to learn that we could be living in countries where going through a divorce is a way of life, but are fiercely protective of our culture. If there was a difference of opinion between two individuals, they’re usually separated, in the hope of reconciling back together. The process could be arduously long. While some couples come back in a matter of days, there are others who find themselves waiting anxiously till the end of time. Celina adds, “This isn’t exactly the ‘Sex and the City’ wala pyar, where practicality supersedes. This is more the old school, ‘Guru Dutt wala pyar’ where the very modern and well versed and well-travelled Romaita has come to believe that one day her parents will re-unite. But when that doesn’t happen her hopes come crumbling down like of pack of cards explaining her outrage. 

Celina’s debut in the digital space has been quite impacting. “As an actor, I’ve always been open to exploring mediums. The digital space helps an actor evolve more fruitfully. The content is well ahead of its times, giving actors the leeway to choose the part they’d like to play. Unlike the cinematic space where we had to wait for responses; here we receive the same almost immediately upon the release of the film or the series. This evolving medium can be greatly experimented with!” Celina also adds, “As an actor, I have been working since a very young age, and now the time has come where I can get slightly picky about the kind of roles I’d like to essay. I also hope to get behind the camera, but I am still learning of how to mauver the ropes, till then I will continue to enjoy acting.

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