Charlie's Angels (2000)

Charlie's Angels (2000)
Platform : Amazon Prime Video
Language : English
Synopsis : The captivating crime-fighting trio who are masters of disguise, espionage and martial arts some together when a devious mastermind embroils them in a plot to destroy individual privacy, the Angels, aided by their loyal sidekick Bosley (Bill Murray), set out to bring down the bad guys. But when a terrible secret is revealed, it makes the Angels targets for assassination.
Cast : Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Bill Murray, Sam Rockwell, Tim Curry, Kelly Lynch, John Forsythe, Crispin Glover, Tom Green, Luke Wilson & others
Directors : McG
Producer/s : Drew Barrymore, Leonard Goldberg, Nancy Juvonen
Cinematographer (DoP) : Russell Carpenter
Production House : Columbia Pictures, Leonard Goldberg Productions, Flower Films, Tall Trees Productions
Music : Edward Shearmur

Movie Duration (minutes) : 98
Digital Premiere Date : May 27, 2020 Theater Release Date : November 3, 2000

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