Cheesecake Review - Nothing to drive home beyond the dog

Cheesecake Review - Nothing to drive home beyond the dog
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Animal-based movies warm the cockles of your health. TVF and MX Player's latest outing ‘Cheesecake’ is primarily about how you should empathise with dogs and understand their emotions to see through their eyes. However, improper execution and being a wannabe 'Marley and Me' plot makes the mini-series fall flat on its face. Cheesecake is about a millennial couple that adopts an abandoned dog and eventually realise that it’s their marriage which needs to be worked upon and needs care. Neel and Sameera happen to be a ‘happily married’ couple. Both of them happen to be working professionals but at the same time extremely unhappy with their work lives and growth rate (a problem which many millennial couples face). While Neel is a film editor struggling to find work, Sameera feels she isn't getting her due at work. As the two leave the restaurant, Sameera spots an adorable golden retriever whom she only presumes is homeless and abandoned. After cuddling him a bit, Sameera gets distracted with a phone call and boom, the dog disappears within seconds. Later eventually she finds out that the dog has been following her to her house. An ecstatic dog-lover in Sameera comes out and she feeds the dog with a ‘cheesecake’ which the dog loves to eat. What follows next in the sequence is downright preachy and boring. Amid a few cute moments, Cheesecake is boring, dull and preachy. You lose interest within 20 minutes of watching the series. The screenplay is neither engaging nor crisp and unlike the other shows made by TVF. It has just 5 episodes and each episode has a duration of 20-30 mins, however, a lot of elements are introduced to the plot that makes the show go haywire. The mundane life of Neel and Sameera has been presented in the preachiest and predictable of ways. There are more “irritating moments” in their life than “happy moments” but, it isn't what we haven't seen before. Palash Vashwani tries hard to satiate feelings of empathy from the audiences for the emotional scenes, but sadly it doesn't happen. Jeetendra Kumar and Akanksha Thakur who play Neel and Sameera are good actors, but their roles in Cheesecake seem like a repetition of their past outings. It isn't the actor's fault that the makers decided to create unnecessary drama arising out of competitive corporate work cultures and mundane marital lives. Overall, we suggest you skip Cheesecake. Unless you are a dog lover and want to see some pawsome moments from your furry friend onscreen. Give it a watch if not for the story or the actors, but just for the dog.

Rating: 1.5/5

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