Chhappad Phaad Ke Review - This Vinay Pathak show is a complete winner!

Chhappad Phaad Ke Review - This Vinay Pathak show is a complete winner!
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It is believed that when the almighty blesses one; he does so wholesomely and handsomely. This is exactly what the title Chhappad Phaad Ke means. The new Hotstar Special is two hours and one minute of sheer bliss, and entertainment! The scene opens at Sharad Gupchup (Vinay Pathak) brooming his compound.

He is what we’d call a principled middle-class man, somewhere in his late forties, trying to strike a balance with the savings for his family and other expenses. His wife Vaishali (Ayshea Raza), is a sweet homemaker, and a traditional entrepreneur who is into making Papad. They have a daughter Ketki (Sheetal Thakur), an aspiring youngster who wants to make it larger than life. She is the doting daughter of her parents, and someone, who well …. dots all the I’s and crosses all the t’s. Shubham (Siddharth Menon) is a creative genius and an aspiring photographer.

Unfortunately, his parents are not in favour of his profession. Just a few days before PM Modi announces the demonetization, Sharad Gupchup meets with a fatal accident. At such trying times such as these, the family yearns for a hefty saving. The universe seems to have taken their wishes into account, and grants the same. On the way back from a temple visitation, (after Sharad gets well) the family stumbles upon a huge suitcase, comprising of the newly issued 2000 rupees notes bundle! Apart from having an inculcated value system on the outside, every family member has a different side to him or her.

And these shades come to the fore they stumble on the bag of cash. Director Sameer Hemant Joshi has interestingly sussed out the nuances of every character by putting them in a situation that would naturally enliven each one's innate trait. What is even more interesting is, that the plot, the characters, and the situation is extremely relatable as several families went through very trying times, during the demonetization phase especially in the tier two cities. Aajoba (grandfather, played by Madhav Vaze) is strategically made to voice out just that one word while solving his crossword puzzle, giving viewers an insight on what’s coming next. He typically does the work of a narrator.

That one word that’s voiced subconsciously plays on the viewer's mind and keeps them tuned into what’s coming next. Usually when a method actor such as Vinay Pathak is cast in the film, one assumes that he’d be holding the entire film, but the director has fittingly distributed the responsibility on each of these actors who strike the perfect equilibrium with the plot. Shubham’s helplessness comes out very emphatically as he tried to shine out as a male member of the family, but fails every time he tries. Vinay Pathak well holds on to his high morals; till he slips ever so ‘slightly’ when he views the prospect of becoming a respected politician. Vaishali, like any other mother, is gullible, and the children use interesting and realistic tactics to encourage her to part with the money.

Ketki is one character with most grey shades to her. She is a wonderful, and obedient daughter on the outside, but is quite a flirt, and lazy. When she sees the money, she recklessly bids adieu to her job to enjoy a free life. The characters evolve ever so naturally that it seems that they have just been given a situation and are doing an improvisation on the spot in the most natural surroundings. What is even better, is that the language is simple, relatable, and bereft of any unwarranted slag. This automatically opens the film to a wider target audience.

One can see how each artist both on-screen and off-screen has worked towards striking the perfect balance, to create an award-winning number. Prashant Pillai’s background score adds to the drama further catalysing the viewer’s interest. Interestingly, in spite of this being a low budget film, the storyline can be popularly consumed by one and all.

Rating: 4.5/5

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