CHICKEN RUN 2 to go into production next year, will premiere on Netflix

Rhea Srivastava -

CHICKEN RUN 2 to go into production next year, will premiere on Netflix

20 years after its release, the Aardman Animation Studios classic film ‘Chicken Run’ is already with a sequel. During the Annecy Making Of panel held on the festival’s digital platform, the makers and representatives of the studios all came together to make the grand announcement. The studio is being backed by Netflix to distribute the movie across the world (minus the Chinese market).

Chicken Run was and remains the highest-grossing stop-motion animated film of all time and was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards held in 2000. It was directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park, both of whom had some great titles and awards to their credit. The sequel, however, will be helmed by Sam Fell, who has previously directed films like Paranorman and Flushed Away. 

It’s been a while since we had been hearing rumours that ‘Chicken Run 2’ (tentative title) was being developed. During the talk, Lord explained that there were plentiful ideas but none of them was being zeroed in. Even while working on other projects, the thought of making a sequel to Chicken Run was constantly on their minds. This conversation between the executives took place several times during the course of the 20 years. Finally, they have locked in on what they deem a ‘perfect story,’ one which has been worked on for a few years. The film even has a quirky logline - “This time, they’re breaking in.” 

The sequel will focus on Ginger who lives in an idyllic haven for chickens. Ginger and Rocky hatch an egg together and Molly is born. As Molly begins to grow up and get tired of the island, it is heard that a strange threat looms for its residents. Ginger and Molly now must save the day. Fell explained that they are planning Chicken Run 2 to be almost like a heist film with fun tributes to classics of the genre like Mission Impossible. Writing for the film has already started and shooting will take place sometime next year. Studiocanal - the company which financed, distributed and sold Aardman productions in 2015 - and Pathe, have closed a deal with Aardman for the sequel rights to be transferred to Netflix. 

Meanwhile, the production company is also making Robin Robin, a half-an-hour Christmas stop-motion special, as well as feature-length projects like The Big Fix-Up, and another Wallace & Gromit movie. 


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