Chintu Ka Birthday Review: An intense war-torn tale of a 6 year olds birthday

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Chintu Ka Birthday Review:  An intense war-torn tale of a 6 year olds birthday
Movie Rated
All Ages

Format: Movie
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: All Ages
Genres:  Drama, Action, War, Family
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 5 June 2020

What is the story about?

The story follows a Bihari family who prepares to celebrate the 6th birthday of their youngest member Chintu (Vedant Raj Chibber). The film set in the backdrop of Baghdad during the Iraqi war. Their joyous celebration gets interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances. Does Chintu get to cut his birthday cake or it gets worse forms the crux of the story directed by duo Satyanshu & Devanshu Singh. The film is produced by the stupendous All India Bakchod under their banner Final Draft.
The entire cast was at their best. You’ll be surprised to see how the younger actors outperformed the older ones. A simple and straight forward story that demands its actors to perform the same and they do it diligently with such finesse. To begin with Vedant Chibber (Chintu) he’ll just melt your heart with his undiluted innocence. The character was beautifully written and the kid performs with utmost maturity. Vinay Pathak (Madan Tiwary) is one of the best actors in the industry and he did a great job. And there are few instances where the character steals the show with his compassion. Bisha Chaturvedi (Lakshmi) who plays the sister of Chintu did a commendable job with emotional profundity followed by Tillotama Shome, Seema Pahwa, Khalid Massou along with Reginald L Barnes and Nathan Scholz. Just when you think you’re done there are two kids who may have very little to do so but they leave a great impression with their performances. Mehroos Ahmed Mir (Waheed) and Amina Afroz (Zainab) were those beautiful actors. Grounded yet impactful performances from the entire cast of Chintu Ka Birthday.


A 6-year-old kid’s fantasy or dreams may be very limited and their world revolves around the little joys which adults may not find very important. Chintu has a similar dream where he wants to celebrate his 6th birthday with no interruptions. Because the previous year it was ruined by American Uncle a.k.a The President of the United States. In a war-torn country, an Indian family which hails from Bihar is stuck with no way out from Baghdad. But the father makes sure to make his son’s birthday goes well to make up for the last year’s mishap. But fate has other plans and things go haywire. The director duo inspired by their own life back in Bihar scripted a beautiful story which induces the exact emotions they intend the audience to feel. Every character was well written and had a purpose. The film leaves a very strong impact where a small ordinary family are trying to fulfil their simple dream which is dominated by the world filled with greed and power.
Music and other Departments
The technical department of the film was equally brilliant who put the audience right in the war zone with their impeccable skills. The cinematography by Siddharth Diwan was delectable with perfect lighting and tone despite the entire film was constrained to indoors. The sound design and mix by Bishwadeep Dipak Chatterjee was spot on. Agreed it’s direct to web film but even with a small pair of speakers you may get a good impact, such was the sound mix. The score by Naren and Benedict was mellow. And it was backed with a sharp edit by Charu Shree Roy. The film runs on a tight 84 minutes and doesn’t waste even a second. 


There’s an animated sequence in the beginning narrated by the titular character Chintu, which was beautifully done. The film doesn’t lose its intensity throughout and keeps a steady pace keeping you guessing what’s next? Chintu Ka Birthday is a clear example of Independent films which can be winners even at the constrained budget. The director duo has utilized it to the fullest.


One may find the ending a bit unconvincing but in my opinion, it was a perfect ending.
Did I enjoy it?
I enjoyed it to the fullest.
Do I recommend it and why?
I definitely recommend it. The film leaves you all warm and fuzzy and at times with teary eyes. 

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