Churuli (2021) Review

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s latest film starts off interestingly but later falls into vague and weird quarters!

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Churuli (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Two undercover cops go into the hillsides in search of a man who ran away a long time ago, only to run into a lot of truths and wild reveals. 


Lijo Jose Pellissery’s films have always had a certain level of abstractness in them, and Churuli is no less in that aspect. The film has an interesting premise that gets its framework exactly on point, leading us to some very good visuals and offering a good amount of curiosity as well. But soon after, Churuli starts to pin up some weird and confusing scenarios that pave way to loads of questions, which are to be answered later. But as the vagueness keeps building up in the film, it becomes increasingly irritating for the audience to find out what exactly is going on. The minimalism in the film does not help either, leading to bigger disappointments at the end, given the fact that viewers are sure looking out for something special at the end, given the director’s track record. 


Chemban Vinod once again puts in a very good performance, buying most of the attention towards himself. Vinay Fort is good, but his performance in the film does not shell out of normal quarters and is limited when it comes to his expressions too. The film has a very small cast that has names such as Jaffer Idukki, but none of them create an impact. 

Music & Other Departments

Just like in every other film of Lijo Jose Pellissery, the camera, music and the editing are on point. Unfortunately, you wish they had a better story to develop their work on.


The way the film sets up its story is interesting. 


Churuli’s biggest failure is in how the film does not answer a lot of questions, and makes things very vague. 

Did I enjoy it?

No. This was a film that left me quite frustrated. 

Do I recommend it?

No. If you really liked the director’s work so far and looked forward to this, you are likely to be let down. 

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