Citizen K (2019)

Citizen K (2019)
Platform : Amazon Prime Video
Language : English
Synopsis : In 2003, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of the richest men in Russia, began a ten-year sentence for tax evasion. Many believed his downfall was challenging then newly elected president Vladimir Putin. During his time in a Siberian prison, Khodorkovsky became a world-famous dissident.
Cast : Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Putin, Leonid Nevzlin, Erin Edeiken
Directors : Alex Gibney
Producer/s : Alex Gibney, John Battsek, PJ Van Sandwyk, George Chignell,
Cinematographer (DoP) : Mark Garrett, Denis Sinyakov
Production House : Passion Picures, Jigsaw Productions, Stoyteller Productions
Music : Ivor Guest, Robert Logan

Movie Duration (minutes) : 125
Digital Premiere Date : June 28, 2020 Theater Release Date : November 22, 2019

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