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Code 404

Code 404
Digital Premiere Date
Movie Rated
  • Director(s) :

    Al Campbell

    Producer(s) :

    Charlotte Surtees

  • Cast :

    Stephen Graham, Daniel Mays, Rosie Cavaliero, Amanda Payton, Simon Strutt, Anna Maxwell Martin, Michelle Greenidge, Emily Lloyd-Saini, Steve Oram, Richard Gadd, Anna Leong Brophy, Beau Fowler, Tracy Ann Oberman, David Shelley, Precious Mustapha, Faith Edwards, Richard Pepple, Louise Stewart, Michael Armstrong, Michael Quartey, Gemma Arrowsmith, Montel Douglas, Leila Hoffman, Obie Matthew, Frankie Clarence, Ruth Horrocks, Tim Ingall, Lana Ish-Muhametova, Katarina Martin, Matthew Stirling

  • Cinematographer (DoP) :

    John Sorapure

    Music Director :

    Oli Julian

  • Production House :

    Kudos Film and Television, Water & Power Productions

Code 404 is a series that is directed by crime, sci-fi series that is directed by Al Campbell and is produced by Charlotte Surtees. The series will premiere on Peacock on the 1st of October 2020.

In this near-future comedy we meet partners Major and Carver, the best of the best at the Special Investigation Unit, an elite undercover police team. When Major is shot dead at a covert arms bust gone wrong, Carver is plagued by guilt. He blames his burgeoning friendship with Major’s wife for taking his eye off the ball at a crucial moment, resulting in his partner’s death. Which is why he’s so shocked when Major turns up a year later, raring to pick up things exactly where they left off. Carver learns that Major’s been resurrected using pioneering AI, but, budgets being what they are, the software still had a few glitches. So while Major 2.0 might have even more ego than his previous version, the reboot seems to have left his judgement, ability and large parts of his memory behind, making him far more of a liability dead than he ever was alive.


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