Cold Case (2021) Review

A barely bearable thriller that blows more cold than hot!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Cold Case (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

After a skull surfaces through a fishing net, the police force employs Sathyajith (Prithviraj) to track down a case which has come up after a period of time. Sathyajith then begins a deep and detailed study to unravel the killer behind the heinous crime.


Despite having a wonderful setting and a very good group of actors, Cold Case comes off as just another thriller from Malayalam cinema, mainly because it likes to get associated with the usual cliches of the genre. The film does get off to a fairly good start, but it then suffers from normalcy and pacing issues. The reveals of the film are acceptable indeed, but the way in which it is narrated forms a cloud over the actual weight in the potential that the film had. And this is why Cold Case feels very familiar at the end, as every scene in the film brings about a deja-vu effect. 


Headlining the film, Prithviraj has a decent role to play. What feels like an extended cameo at first only gets better as the film progresses, and moves deeper into the case. Aditi Balan isnt a great pick for the role, and just manages to scrape through the requirements of the film - a proper and rooted Malayalam actress would have done better. The film has a handful of actors doing a good job, including names such as Lakshmipriyaa and Athmiya.

Music & Other Departments

The music in Cold Case really ups the ante of the film, and helps it move along smoothly. The cinematography is neat indeed. However, the pacing issues of the film show up a lot of times, and a crisper runtime would have helped it better. 


Prithviraj’s presence and the acceptable twist are the plus points.


The film feels too similar to a lot of other Malayalam thrillers. Also, the horror elements feel half-baked. 

Did I enjoy it?

Not much. The film could have realized its potential better. 

Do I recommend it?

Cold Case is a decent thriller to watch if you have not much else to do. The film follows the format of the average Malayalam film, and ends up as a generic thriller. 

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