Colour Photo Review

Partly Engaging and Partly Boring with some powerful performances

Jeya Suriya -

Colour Photo Review
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In recent times, this young Youtuber, Suhas, who turned into a star has been choosing only sensible films right from the beginning of his career. His character and performances in Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya, Majili, Dear Comrade and even in Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasaya were fabulous. This talented youngster has elevated as a star through Colour Photo which is docked to Aha.

What is the story about?

The tale is set in a small town in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh around 1997. Jayakrishna(Suhas), the chap who feels inferior because he is dark-skinned falls in love with Deepu (Chandni Chowdary). Due to his complexes, he holds his emotions to himself. Due to a brawl in their college, Jayakrishna gets banged up by a set of other notorious students. Also, that blooms a friendship between Krishna and Deepu. Like any other film in World Cinema, the bond evolves into love, and Deepu's brother Rama Raju (Sunil) obstructs their relationship. The balance of the narrative is as to how the pair marries after suffering various obstacles.


The film is a poetic play that has some fantastic performances by the lead roles Suhas and Chandni Chowdary. The soulful score and pure emotions were the biggest helpers in pushing the film to an above-average level. But what pulls it down from a fantastic movie to an above-average is the exaggerated Climax, conventional storyline, and the usual love scenes. There are a few comedies which work in favour and also a few which doesn't.


On the performance front, everyone involved in the film delivered impactful performances and also the casting was pitch-perfect. Suhas, as a lead actor, finds the absolute balance between comedy and sentiments. Chandini Chowdary looks charming and also emotes completely. Sunil who we have seen as a comedian in multiple films depicts a character with dark shades and exhibits it off with ease. Viva Harsha, Subba Rao and Adarsh Balakrishna justify their roles.


Music & Other Departments

One of the most significant advantage for the film to entertain us is the scintillating score from Kala Bhairava. The whole technical team has worked so hard in art direction and costumes to recreate the 90's in a fascinating manner. Editing could have been better, whereas the lens-work supported the technical team fabulously by capturing the scenic beauty.



Performances of the lead characters and Music should be credited as the biggest highlights of the romantic drama. Both Suhas and Chandni Chowdary holds the film together, and the film gives them a lot of scopes to perform. Significantly the latter prominently use the chance. The way she emoted throughout the film and especially in a few scenes shows the acting valour of the budding star. 


The film is a simplistic love tale but is based on a thoughtful issue like hatred of colour and comparison of rich and poor. The director's vision supports the love part, but it nowhere helps the sensitive subject. At least there wasn't an impactful scene to prove it. The comedies in the initial half do not work, and it consumes the film some time to settle.


Did I enjoy it?

Yes, I am recommending it if you are in for some time-pass. The story is usual, but the setting elevates up the mood for any viewer.

Do I recommend it?

I watched it with a lot of expectations, and it was partly enjoyable for me. So, watch it without any expectations, and I'm sure you will enjoy.

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