Coming 2 America Review

A familiar comedy that is harmless but doesn’t add up to greatness!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Coming 2 America Review
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Coming 2 America is a Direct OTT release on Amazon Prime. The film is directed by Craig Bewer.

What is the story about?

Prince Akeem Joffer (Eddie Murphy) is a man with no sons, so when he ascension to the throne is up for grabs, his royal father brings to his notice that he has a son already. Akeem is surprised, but later realizes on how this could have happened. To fulfil his father’s wish, Akeem and Semmi fly all the way to America and bring back Akeem’s son, only to lead to more complications and tough situations. 


Coming 2 America is a film that is nicely drawn out, with a fair share of characters. Being a sequel, the film carries the aroma of the previous film quite well, and introduces us to the problems in a very basic and enjoyable manner. However, this simplicity in the narrative leads to familiarity as well, as we start to get a little too close to the plot which is as old as the hills. It is up to the one liners of the film to make us laugh and giggle, along with the superbly put up song performances that have a celebratory vibe to them. The film is far from perfect with respect to its jokes, but the presence of the well-equipped cast and the musical sequences somewhat save it from becoming a boring affair. 


Eddie Murphy is the star of the show again, proving that he is still fresh when it comes to pulling off roles like this. The comfortability of the star to adapt and perform to the different situations is really cool and that is a treat to watch. Arsenio Hall expectedly provides good support, but the charmer here is Jermaine Fowler as the son, who makes his presence felt with a really good performance. The rest of the cast including the strong-minded women in the film are positives too! 

Music & Other Departments

One thing that really makes the film stand out is the dance element that it brings along, for there are a variety of performances to go wow at. The music of the film is truly well done, and credit to the team for visualizing the songs in a grand manner too. 


The performances of Eddie Murphy, Jermaine Fowler and of course the songs! 


The story falls into familiar quarters and has nothing much to go gaga about.

Did I enjoy it?

I sure did as a harmless watch, but I expected more jokes and entertainment out of it. 

Do I recommend it?

Coming 2 America is not as great as the first, but can qualify as a time pass affair this weekend.

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