Cookiees Review – A sagging and disappointing drama

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Cookiees Review – A sagging and disappointing drama
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What is the story about?

Set against the backdrops of G.L.A Engineering University, Mathura, UP, the story revolves around three friends – Arundati Singh (Aneri Vajani), Jessica Jacobs (Deepti Singh) and Shally Chadda (Lisha Bajaj). These students, who are average grosser in their JEE Rankings have confrontations between exploring their dreams and stereotyped expectations of their families and societies.


From the below-average grosser like Faltoo to the iconic 3 Idiots, Bollywood has been experimenting with this time-worn theory of college life over and again. While some of them as abovementioned had found a personal connection, most of them have nothing but a prototyped exemplification, which in no way instils energy in viewers, especially if you’re a teen in the college. or at least entertain. Well, this ‘Cookiees’ belongs to the latter league, where there is nothing really special about it. The series comprising 5 episodes doesn’t even attempt to touch the pinnacle point anywhere and we are presented with the hackneyed incidents borrowed from various films of similar backdrops. The only difference is that the story is conveyed through the eyes of a female protagonist and here it’s Aneri Vajani. The major part of the series is nothing but the narrative from Aneri, which will start irking the viewers after a certain extent. The director could have at least attempted to get something fresh on the script papers or else scrutinized his efforts to endow us with some engrossing moments. The boozing attempts, late-night escape, boy sneaking into girls hostel, possessiveness and drift among friends and what else? Haven’t we seen such instances gazillions times? However, the only convincing part is the climax with an unexpected twist, which spikes up curiosities at the least level.



When the script lacks the substance, the performances go in vain, even if the artistes have unleashed their entire energy. Aneri Vajani reflects the kinda belle from suburban zones wedged between dreams and that off her family. She allows the innocence to follow through her expressions and the sudden transition as she turns the narrator, the very next second with bubbly shades is commendable. Deepti Singh as Jessica Jacobs and Lisha Bajaj as Shally Chadda have delivered decent performances. Shrey Gupta with the boy-to-next-door looks comes up with a neat job, and others in the cast have done justice to their roles. 

Music & Other Departments

The background score including the title credits music is worthy of appreciations. The visuals are okay, but we don’t get to explore more as the major portions of the series are set indoors. 


  • Nothing much except the climax surprise element Aneri Vajani’s performance



  • A shop-soiled plot that we have watched many times
  • Unimpressive narration


Did I enjoy it?

Hardly 2-3 scenes were enjoyable.  

Do I recommend it?


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