Coronavirus Gives 60% Boost to Mobile Streaming in South East Asia

Coronavirus Gives 60% Boost to Mobile Streaming in South East Asia

As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on, and millions of people are stuck at home to practice self-isolation, South East Asian countries of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia have seen a major spurt in mobile streaming. 

As per a survey conducted by consultancy and research firm Media Partners Asia, online video consumption on mobile devices has increased by 60% in these countries. In absolute numbers, consumption of online content viewed on mobiles in SE Asia grew from 36.4 billion minutes per week in mid-January to 58 billion minutes per week by mid-April. 

Shared Vivek Couto, Executive Director of Media Partners Asia, "The penetration of streaming video has increased dramatically during this pandemic as millions have been forced to operate from home."

He added, "The focus now is on how successfully subscription-VoD platforms will be able to retain newly acquired customers in the second half of 2020 and to what extent ad-supported VoD platforms can capitalize on the expanded reach."

Netflix has emerged as the most preferred streaming platform in the South East Asian region. Viu, which follows the freemium model of streaming, is the next most popular OTT platform in these countries, courtesy its considerable library of Korean dramas. Amazon Prime Video has is steadily gaining foothold in Singapore, while Chinese OTT platform iQIYI is slowly but surely increasing its base in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. 

The survey also revealed interesting data regarding the exponential increase of streaming in general in South East Asia. As per the survey, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore had clocked in a total of 7 million paid OTT subscriptions by the end of March 2020, totalling $350 million in subscription spends. 


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