Coyote Review

This action-drama leaves you underwhelmed

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Coyote Review
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What is the story about?

Ben Clemens, a border patrol officer who has recently retired, discovers a secret tunnel under the US-Mexico border through which drugs are smuggled. When he tries rescuing a pregnant woman from the Mexican side, he gets ensnared in a dangerous game, and is compelled to become an informant for a drug cartel.


Mexico-set action thrillers/dramas are a genre in themselves. The cusses in Spanish, bad-ass gangsters, crooked police officers and the dusty, sun-baked landscapes of the country have become synonymous with stereotypes by now. You want to see what fresh take the makers of Coyote can have on these stereotypes, but alas, they don't even bother to reinvent the wheel. Every aforementioned stereotype plays out like a school-teacher marking class attendance, and honestly this series feels like a joke after the first couple of episodes. There could have been something really subversive about how a politically-conservative border patrol officer suddenly finds his conscience for the people on the other side his ideology thinks so low of, but the story is peppered with sloppy writing and indifferent performances. It doesn't help matters that the show feels incomplete, thanks to its initial order of ten episodes being cut down to six due to COVID-19. Perhaps this show could have been more engrossing with a few more episodes, and with better writing, this could actually be an engrossing action-drama like Breaking Bad or the Sicario franchise.


Michael Chiklis somehow makes Ben Clemens a credible bundle of contradictions, even though you don't awlays buy his change of heart. Juan Pablo Raba is caricaturish at times as the dreaded El Cartin. The rest of the cast is okay.

Music & Other Departments

The action sequences are choreographed well. 


That opening sequence where Ben excavates a toilet to uncover a secret tunnel to the Mexican side is well-done.


The middling story and plot contrivances.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

If you want to watch a run-of-the-mill action drama, you can give this a go. But don't expect anything novel.

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