Creeped Out review: The horror story we need and deserve

Creeped Out review: The horror story we need and deserve
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Creeped Out maybe the right horror story, not just for teenagers but everyone who spends most of our time scrolling down and scrolling up. With necks permanently pointed downwards towards our phones, tablets and iPhones and eyes stuck in the screens, teenagers, adults and young adults miss out on a major chunk of life while trying to find validation among people who do not matter. The major question of the grandparents remains ‘how will these kids ever get married?’, but ‘Creeped Out’ focuses on the real danger. The danger of missing out, but do we know that we are missing out? We hear a voiceover about surrendering yourself to the internet, and a kid with the mask from the opening of the show, who is named The Curious (Jaiden Cannatelli), and he usually makes an appearance in the beginning and end of the episodes. Creeped Out has a wide range of cast, who were logically placed to balance the plot and the narration of the content. Not just teenagers, but adults, young adults, children all make an important part of the show. Creeped Out is the real kind of horror story. It doesn’t have the presence of an invisible spirit that haunts you to take revenge for something with which you aren’t even related, rather, each of the characters is haunted by the mistakes of their past, present, and they hardly have any idea about how to go about it in future. Now that is a real horror story, isn’t it?

Rating: 3/5

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