Criminal UK review: A chilling interrogating crime drama

Criminal UK review: A chilling interrogating crime drama
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Rating: 3.5 /5 stars Police procedural as a genre is slowly gaining momentum, thanks to shows like Line of Duty, Broadchurch and Unbelievable which have made police investigation so popular that they’re unmissable. Criminal is a 12-episode series broken up into four different sections of three episodes each. Unlike other procedurals, the story takes places within the confines of a police interrogation suite, making the viewing experience both chilling and claustrophobic at the same time. Criminal can be best described as a fresh take on police procedural and one that gives a front row seat to understand the psyche of police officers as well as suspects/criminals. The most striking aspect of the show is that it entirely takes place within the confines of an investigation room, divided by the two-way mirror observation room and the corridor. It’s extremely difficult to hold the attention of the viewers when all the action takes place in a single room but Criminal does a very neat job keeping one engrossed in the narrative. The show wouldn’t have been great if the subjects of the interrogation weren’t as compelling as they are portrayed, and a lot of credit must go to the writers for giving characters that resonate very strongly. In Criminal UK, the story is centered on Dr. Edgar Fallon (David Tennant), his lawyer, and two detectives who interrogate him. A 14-year-old girl was found dead, with a plastic bag over her crushed skill. She happens to be Fallon’s step-daughter from a failed marriage and he’s the prime suspect in her death. As the detectives try and make Fallon talk and open up more to understand whether he has anything to do with his daughter’s death, the show ensures that you’re invested in Tennant’s character and it’s easily his best small-screen performance in recent time. The show really lets you understand police investigation from a fresh perspective, and it couldn’t have presented the interrogations scenes in a better fashion. Another striking aspect of the show is its ability to build the tension and do it in such a way that the pay-off works handsomely. It’s a slow-burning thriller but the show is never dull in its tone and presentation.

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