Crrush (2021) Review

A nonsensical erotic drama

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Crrush (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Three teenagers - Ravi (Abhay Simha), Teju (Charan Sai), Vamsi (Krishna Burugula) wish to gain sexual experience before they head off to the United States to pursue under graduate studies. But little do they know that their adventures will land them in all sorts of trouble.


Ravi Babu is regarded as one of the better technicians in Telugu cinema. The skilled director often picks peculiar plots for his films and presents them with technical finesse. But in the case of Crrush, he fails on so many levels that it is hard to believe he actually conceived an idea this preposterous. The core plot is wafer-thin, the narrative is amateurish, and the subplots are abysmal to say the least. This film goes down as one of his poorest works till date, if not the poorest.
The performances of the lead cast, including the actors who play the three teenagers is naive and inept. Add a nonsensical screenplay to a maladroit star cast and you have a disaster of epic proportions, and that is the case with Crrush.
Three teenagers set out on independent and arguably contrasting journeys in a bid to explore sexual pleasures and they end up with life-changing gyaan. What happens in between is a tedious tale of eroticism, vulgarity, and to be more precise, rubbish. That is Crrush in a nutshell.


As mentioned above, Crrush doesn’t deliver on the performances front, not that it would have mattered anyway. Young actors Abhay, Charan, and Krishna have a lot to improve and with so much time ahead of them, they can only get better from here on. There is nothing much to speak about the rest of the star cast either.

Music & Other Departments

There are 3-4 poorly placed songs in the film. They add no value to the narrative. Cinematography is kind of okayish. Editing is dreary. Production values are of poor quality.


None, literally.


Direction, storyline, acting, songs, editing, and the list goes on and on and on.

Did I enjoy it?

A big No.

Do I recommend it?

Guess you’d know the answer by now.

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