Da 5 Bloods Review: Another great American movie

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Da 5 Bloods Review: Another great American movie
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Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+
Genre: Drama, War
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 12 June 2020


Netflix, the Californian based behemoth is making use of the Worldwide Pandemic situation due to COVID-19. They have been releasing numerous flicks for the globe to stream. Hours ago, Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods, a film which speaks tons about how much blacks live matter released online. Spike Lee, who is an accoladed filmmaker, has directed and produced the film. This War-Drama is written by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo in 2013, and after BlacKKlansman, Lee and Kevin Wilmott reworked on the script.

The movie was started taping a year back, in 2019 where most of the filming has happened in South East Asia. With the current situation in the US, after the death of George Floyd, this film would be related and celebrated even more (WoW, What a timing man???)

What's the story about?
The 158-minute film is the discussions between its four lead characters (Delroy Lindo, Clarke Peters, Norm Lewis and Isiah Whitlock Jr.). as they discuss the glorification of the Vietnam war through a white heroic lens. 

The show begins with Muhammad Ali and ends with Martin Luther King where both of them address the discriminations and politics blacks face in the USA. So, All four ex-soldiers land in Vietnam, years later and they work hard in the forest to take back their buried gold and their buried comrade Norman (Chadwick Boseman). All the four are haunted by the knowledge of their team leader Norman who perished in work before their foci. Now, the saga is whether the team finds the gold and the body of Norm, So that they present the bills to the blacks back in their country as they planned years ago.

All the four lead characters have performed so well that they steal the show and make us wait for their next move in the film. Be it the Period Part or the Present Day Scenes, they just nail it with their performances. All the characters in the film make us laugh, cry, scream and enjoy throughout through their outstanding performances. Out of all emotions, the comedy slapsticks from Paul holds the flick to stay an engaging one.

Spike Lee is one of the rare directors for whom a cinema this sumptuous, powerful, fictitious and cinematically alive wouldn’t automatically pass as a career peak. It is an exciting heist movie, one unafraid to bury itself in the style while also savouring the possibility to use the precepts and commercial value of old-school film(s) to rehabilitate a classical anecdote. Da5 works on every level, as a communication piece, an action melodrama, and a comedy, offering superb performances, and a piercing Terence Blanchard score. The direct satire on the current president of the USA, Donald Trump will make this film, a famous one globally. Either it's Trump himself going to tweet or he would try to ban it. Besides that, the reality would be Trump promoting the film. (Yeah, Promote America Great Again)

Music and Other Departments
The film's music elevates the mood of the heist in various circumstances. Also, the flick tries to engage in all aspects with the meticulous work of the trio - Art, Edit and DOP. The work of all three departments is very evident that the film is delivered with a strong technical output.

The character sketch of Paul is scripted in a way to be the highlight of the film, though he cannot be said as the HERO of the film. The screenplay of the film is structured with all engagement factors such as thrills, comedy and what not?? If you are watching the film without watching the trailer, the film would appear to you like a revisit to the Hangover Franchise and after a few scenes progress, you would assume this a Blood Diamond Returns kind of a flick. But in reality, you would be watching a nice engaging flick called Da 5 Bloods.

The film begins a bit late. Yeah, initially the film would give us a docu-drama feel and a bit later as the film progresses it is a bit bloat happening until our comrades step up into the forest. Though the screenplay is engaging, a few scenes could have been chopped off to make the film even more engaging, (yeah, they had the chance of delivering an even more fast-paced one). Also, The film would connect well to the current situation in the US but removing the film from the situation would make it a nice entertainer, definitely not a Classic.

Do I recommend?
With the Pandemic situation and everyone at home, there have been many questions on movies to watch at this quarantine time. Here it is, Spike Lee has exactly the movie for the mo(ve)ment. But beyond social context, Da 5 Bloods is one of the best entertainers of 2020.


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