Daab Chingri review: No prawns and only yawns

Daab Chingri review: No prawns and only yawns
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If you are not a Bengali then it is important to know the two important dishes on which every Bengali debates on. Daab Chingri is a famous dish amongst Kolkata Bengalis, who call themselves ‘ghoti’. The prawn is cooked inside a coconut. This information has no significance in ‘Daab Chingri, but it will be the next time you overhear any Bengali debate about which delicacy is better, daab chingri or ilish maach. The recipe, on which the movie is based on hardly makes a 10 minutes appearance. Daab Chingri is less about food, and more about ego clashes, and bigger enterprises trying to kill off the smaller enterprises. Daab Chingri tells the tale of an old age home, which also starts a catering business. They find their first opportunity when a London based author arrives at Kolkata and hire them to serve at his conference. Instantly, they become popular (happens only in films but anyway) and their competition, Great Bengal, headed by a bearded Saheb Bhattacharya, tries everything possible in his means to destroy the old folk’s business. The cast comprises of some of the best actors of the Bengal film industry, including, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sandhya Roy, Isha Saha, Kushal Chakraborty, Ardhendhu Banerjee, Sumanta Mukherjee, Alokananda Banerjea. The story fails to concentrate on what needs to be told and focuses on melodrama instead. If the film was meant to encourage retired men and women to become an entrepreneur instead of gardening, then maybe the web-series isn’t the perfect platform for it.

Rating: 1/5

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