Dad Wanted Netflix Movie Review: A feel-good, emotional tween drama!

Dad Wanted Netflix Movie Review: A feel-good, emotional tween drama!
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Written and Directed by Javier Colinas, Dad Wanted is a Spanish film that was released on Netflix, on the 11th of September. The movie stars actors such as Juan Pablo Medina, Natalia Coronado, Ela Velden, Silvia Navarro and others.

What is the story about?

Dad Wanted is a story about Blanca Diaz (Natalia Coronado), an adventurous tween girl who is passionate about bike riding. Blanca hails from a wealthy household and holds a troubled relationship with her mother, Fernanda (Silvia Navarro). When Blanca decides to participate in an approaching BMX race, her mother disapproves of this due to a tragic past incident. This leaves Blanca disturbed as she requires the consent of a parent to sign her up for the competition. Blanca then begins her search for a fake dad and lands up in finding her fit with Alberto (Juan Pablo Medina), an actor-turned-cab driver. Alberto has his own share of financial troubles and a devastating past. The two then set out on a journey to make Blanca take part in the race, behind Fernanda’s back, and have a great amount of fun and emotional bonding throughout.



The whole runtime of the movie was pleasing and fun to watch as it involved all the things kids do to get what they want. The movie spends a lot of time trying to fix the relationship between the mother and daughter, and Alberto seems to be the major reason for it. The heartfelt emotions of the movie and the bonding between Alberto and Blanca does give us many moments to smile. The movie had a childishness throughout even though it had many adult characters to it. The whole side of Fernanda being a single-mother seemed to be skipped and it was mostly sided towards Alberto’s emotions. The difficulties of Fernanda trying to raise a child on her own and managing her career could have been more focused, rather than the intensity of the anger Blanca has on her mother, for being the cause of her father’s demise. However, the movie does give us a happy ending with all of them coming together with a rollercoaster of emotions, true friendship, family, and a great win.


The cast seemed very promising and they were. Juan excelled in his role and kept the movie going with his likeable presence. Natalia seemed like the perfect fit for the role and charms with her angry but cute self. All the other characters did seem like the apt fit for the movie as well.


Music & Other Departments

The soundtrack had a number of peppy tunes like ‘One Way or Another’ and other catchy songs which appeared as a suitable fit. All other departments of the film were good enough.


The bond between Juan and Blanca throughout the runtime of the movie was cute and charming and never failed to bring a smile to my face. The slight amount of absurdity that the children bring to get things done their way, was amusing and funny.



The scenes at Fernanda’s workplace rather than the focus of her struggles as a single mother seemed to bring the intensity down.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, most certainly. The performances of the cast and the story had me tied up even though there were a few dips along the way.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. This movie is definitely a freewheeling watch for someone who wants something light and breezy with just the right amount of comic moments and emotional drama.

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