Dal Bhat Review

A one-liner stretched to a short film

Rony Patra -

Dal Bhat Review

What is the story about?

A married man receives a rude awakening on a lunch date with his paramour.


If you've watched Srijit Mukherji's cult 2011 crime drama Baishe Srabon, you’ve probably heard the iconic line about “dal-bhat” (rice and dal) and biriyani. Director Dulal Dey obviously got inspired by the line, and set his short on infidelity to it. However, the dialogue, as punchy as it was, does not provide enough meat for an entire short film. As a result, this “lockdown short” feels like an after-thought, or as an eight-minute motivational video of the kind you see floating around on social media. Even music videos have better-developed storylines than this.


Biswajit Das, Swagata Chakraborty and Piyali Dutta play the husband, the wife and the paramour with all the enthusiasm and histrionics of children in a school play.

Music & Other Departments

Arpan Kundu's cinematography is okay, with the camera staying static most of the time. Saurav Sonali Chowdhury's score feels like it has been plucked out of a melodramatic TV serial.




If a short film has an underdeveloped story, what other drawback can you find in it?

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

If you crave for syrupy sentimentality, watch this. Otherwise there are better short films to watch.

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