Dangerous Lies review: A decent thriller that’s built on the foundation of trust

Dangerous Lies review: A decent thriller that’s built on the foundation of trust
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Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


The film follows Katie, a caretaker whose current job is to look after Leonard, an elderly man who has been living alone in his house for almost 40 years. When Leonard suddenly ends up dying, Katie and her husband Adam stumble upon a large stash of money in his house. With the money comes a web of lies and the couple find themselves entangled in a life-threatening situation.

Dangerous Lies works at best as a decent B-grade thriller. Even when the film reveals its major twist, you aren’t blown away. This is one of those straight-forward thrillers that are silly but entertaining. If you’re looking for a cheap thrill on a lazy Friday afternoon, this is just the kind of film you need. One of the reasons the film works despite lazy twists is its short runtime. However, the twists are revealed way too soon and there’s hardly any tension to keep you on the edge of your seats.

The film makes you question who do you trust and why blindly trusting anyone these days could come with a price. It’s built on the foundation of trust and it’s well established through Katie’s character and her association two other key characters in the movie. Even when we trust someone wholeheartedly, we never know what dangerous lies they are hiding. The film manages to make this point in a very straightforward fashion and it works to a large extent.

Camila Mendes as Katie shoulders the film right till the end. These are the kinds of a film where performances can be over-the-top but that’s not the case here. Camila couldn’t have played Katie more convincingly, and she brings out the helplessness of the character strongly. Veteran Elliot Gould in a cameo appearance is a sweet surprise and it makes one wonder what he is even doing in such a film. Thankfully, his role isn’t a joke and plays a very pivotal part in taking the story forward. Jessie T Usher as the boyfriend Adam is decent enough to deliver a passable performance.

For a low-budget thriller that’s solely supposed to entertain, Dangerous Lies does the job without making a mess of the output. Agreed, it isn’t perfect and doesn’t quite leave you on a high when it ends, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint either.

The film badly needed some suspense to keep one hooked. This is the kind of film where if you end taking out your phone to check your mails while watching, you aren’t going to miss anything important.

Did I like it?
I wouldn’t say I did wholeheartedly. But for a small-budget thriller, it worked beyond my expectations.


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