Danny Review: A cheap, boring so-called mystery that offers nothing new!

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Danny Review: A cheap, boring so-called mystery that offers nothing new!

Format:   Web Series
Platform:   ZEE5 
Movie Rated:  18+ 
Genre:   Action, Thriller
Language:   Tamil
Digital Premiere Date:  12 June 2020

Danny is the next direct OTT Tamil release that comes during the coronavirus pandemic, being the next film on Zee5 after Yaara earlier this week.

What’s the story about?
Danny follows the story of Kundavai (Varu Sarathkumar) and the sniffer dog Danny, who get together to solve a series of the murders in the village that they live in. As the case gets increasingly personal, things start to get tighter for the cop who does her best to close the case.


Danny is yet another example of lazy filmmaking, which is visible from the word go. The film is packed with clichés from top to bottom, and not even a single case lead or an element in the screenplay comes off as a fresh one. It looks like the director and his team have simply put together a mix of all the regular tropes of a murder mystery to arrive at this one, which is a botched-up product on the whole. While some scenes are totally senseless, some play around with the same emotional excuses that we have seen in a million other stories till date. The little bit of comedy that is brought in too, is nothing short of frustrating and will only irritate the viewer more. The stale, outdated feel that the film gives you within the first five minutes will never go out of fashion until the last frame, and it will be a surprise if you don’t end up with a face-palm in the climax.

You can say that Varu Sarathkumar gets a couple of scenes to prove her acting mettle, but even then, she doesn’t bring her best to the table because the script really doesn’t demand it. At some parts, it does feel that this is a film that fails to get even a single good performance except for the dog Danny.

Music and other departments
Truly, there is nothing to say about all the technical skills that fall into this category, as Danny fails to pass muster everywhere.


Nothing in the film qualifies to be a highlight.

The biggest fail for the film is how it could not extract even a single good moment featuring the dog.

Did I enjoy it?
No way. I was bored for the entire 95-minute runtime.

Do I recommend it?
No, skip it. Instead of spoiling your aftertaste on Tamil films further, wait for the pandemic to end soon and get to the better side of things.


Synopsis : The film is touted to be a murder mystery that happens in and around Thanjavur. The film also revolves around emotion between a dog in the dog squad and a Policewoman.
Cast : Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Sayaji Shinde, Vela Ramamoorthy, Anitha Sampath, Kawin, Vinoth Kishan, Durai Sudhakar, Bala, Ramar & others
Directors : L C Santhanamoorthy
Producer/s : P G Muthiah, M Deepa
Cinematographer (DoP) : B Aanand Kumar
Production House : PG Media Works
Music : Santhosh Dayanidhi, Sai Bhaskar

Movie Duration (minutes) : 95
Digital Premiere Date : August 1, 2020

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