Dark 7 White Review

This campy political thriller drowns in its own self-importance

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Dark 7 White Review
ALT Balaji,Zee5
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What is the story about?

Yudhveer Singh, a royal scion, gets murdered while he is on his way to his own swearing-in as chief minister of Rajasthan. As ACP Abhimanyu begins investigating the case, suspicion naturally falls on his old college friends, who were now his close associates. But as the investigation rolls on, everything is not as it seems.


You know a show is in big trouble when the events in the narrative designed for shock value only succeed in making you laugh. Dark 7 White obviously disregards the intelligence and taste of its audience, because it is a poorly-designed political thriller. Shweta Brijpuria's 2014 novel Dark White comes to life as a ten-episode series, but the source material is treated in a cavalier fashion by Mohinder Pratap Singh and Mayuri Roychoudhury's screenplay, and therefore director Sattwik Mohanty has his hands tied. Think of this show as a manifestation of all the salacious WhatsApp groups with conspiracy theories that you come across nowadays. Various tropes are ticked off in the screenplay like a to-do list—sex, the cuss-filled dialogues and so on. Notwithstanding it’s Quantico-like dual timeline structure and a narrator who chronicles everything from beyond the grave, this show tries desperately to be a House of Cards, but unfortunately, the writing and execution are way worse than other shows in Indian OTT.


The entire cast, true to the vacuous screenplay, has to ham their way, and they do that perfectly, providing a masterclass in loud acting. Jatin Sarna suitably glowers and rants as ACP Abhimanyu Singh, but even he is limited by the story. The only one who really seems to relish his role is Sumeet Vyas, who plays the devilish Yudhveer with unbridled glee. Nidhi Singh has a limited role as Daisy that increases in importance towards the end. The rest of the cast has nothing much to do except play around this trio.

Music & Other Departments

There's nothing of note on the technical side, really.


Honestly, Vyas is the only good things about the entire enterprise. He uses his deadpan expressions to great effect even when he (literally) gets away with murder.


The portrayal of female characters as power-hungry gold-diggers is disturbingly irresponsible. Also, the dead narrator's voiceovers grate on your senses after a while.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

No. You’ll find better political thrillers on OTT. Even Mirzapur has a better-designed narrative universe.

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