Dark Crystal Review: Fiercely Fantastical

Dark Crystal Review: Fiercely Fantastical
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Starters If you are a hard-core fan who could get drunk on fantastical reveries of the likes of  ‘Lord of the Rings’ or the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, then, the Louis Leterrier web series, ‘The Dark Crystal’ is just for you! ‘The Dark crystal is a prequel to the cult 1982 film. It is just another outstanding fictional web series that could leave its indelible insignia in the world of literature! The series launched its first season (10 episodes) on Netflix on the 30th of August 2019. Inspite of the animated nature of the series, there is a take-away for one and all. Plotting it fancy! The story circumvents around the beauteous Kingdom of ‘Thra’, where life has been smooth sailing, and inhabitants somehow struck the right chords to strike the perfect balance. One day this order comes to a grinding haul as, the Skeksis, deceivingly take over the ‘Crystal of Truth’. A profound reign comes to an end to give rise to a dark era, where the Skeksis, take over the powers of the ‘Crystal of Truth’, in order to become that immortal clan that rules over the world. As the reverent powers of the crystals get corrupted, there is little time left for the emperor to find a way to re-gaining his stance as the immortal bearer to the land. The elfian clan of the ‘Gelfiling’s have been enslaved by the Skeksis. They now give their lives up in lieu of protecting the new rulers, the Skeksis. Their loyalty to the Skeksis is unquestionable. They have come to believe that it is the Skeksis, who’ve restored order in their lives (even if they are living off paltry snatches of the Skeksis generosity. But things begin to change as Mira (Alicia Vikander) is tricked by the Skeksis into giving up her ‘essence’ (her life). Her man ‘Rian’   (Taron Egerton) is ambushed and forced to watch his girlfriend wilt her life away by the whims of the Skeksis. Rian also realizes that the ‘Gelfling’s life is now in danger, as the Skeksis will now do anything in their power to rob them of their essence. Rian, the studious Princess Brea (Ann Taylor Joy) and Deet (Nathalie Emmanuel), and the happy Podling Hup (Victor Yerrid) are somehow compelled to fight this oddly situation and use all their prowess and might to get themselves and the people of their clan out of the sticky spot. Behind the Curtain Louis Leterrier has invested in a dint of hard work to ensure the smooth progression of a well-developed narrative by Jeffery Addiss, and Will Matthews. The characters are well nuanced with a number of narratives running alongside to intensity the dexterity of the enriched plot. The production takes a miss as the characters only seem to suitably expressing themselves using their voices. The expressions on their faces could have been more telling of the situation to the viewers, further enhancing the richness of the plot. The Wrap In spite of that little miss the plot could be granted a liberal 4/5 owing to the richness imparted in the tale, and the unperturbed organic evolution of the story inspite of the number of parallel narratives that have been running alongside.

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